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Sarasota Antiques Auction service
Sarasota Antiques Auction service

Sarasota Antiques  Auctions Services

Sarasota Antique Mall Auction downtown     Auction to the highest bidder     Sarasota Auction at cliant home

Thank you for your interest in our auction services.

Our teams of experts are standing by to assist you.

We have been n the Sarasota Bradenton area since 1982 working in the antique and estate business. We have conducted sales all over the world and are ready to help you with your sale no matter how large or small.

Listed below are some of the usual questions we get asked to help you fully understand about our auction services. If you have others please contact Robert by phone (941) 809-2388.

Do I have to bring the items to you?

No, we are happy to come to you. During this free consultation we will review the items you wish to sell and give you an estimate of sale price on the spot.

I only have one item to sell. Are you interested?

Yes, We are interested if you only have one item or a full estate. A single item will be added into another auction a full estate will have it own auction sale.

Not all my items are antique are you interested?

Yes, we sell all types of things new and old, furniture to old tools

Let us be the judge of what might sell. We do not charge to come see.

I want to sell some and ship some back north. Are you interested?

Yes we are a full service company. We have a nation wide delivery and shipping service

So we can pick up all the items, ship what you want and sell the rest.

I need to move quickly so I donít pay another month rent. Can you help?

Yes we can have the items removed in 2-5 days and the sale in no more than 10 days.

What if an item does not sell?

We have very few items that just donít sell. But if this were to happen we could either return it to you or hold it to put in the next Auction.

How long dose it take to receive my money?

Most payouts are within 10 working days. For a large sale with lots of out of town bids it can take up 20 days. We always have the account cleared in 30 days

Are my items insured?

All items we are in possession of are covered by our comprehensive Insurance.

When we are holding an Auction at your home we can obtain additional policy to supplement the homeowners policy.

What costs are involved when you auction my items?

This is a very tough question to answer. Most of the time the cost is cover by the purchaser. Some times there are storage and delivery fees but these are very rare.

Our consultation is free. 

How does the Sarasota Antiques auction service make itís money?

We charge a buyers premium that is added to the sale price and we find that auctions build our customer base for the antique mall, increasing sales.

I still have more questions and want to see some references?

Robert (941) 809-2388

We are very proud of our references and will happily share them with you during our free consultation.